The HOW & WHY behind Empathy Herbal….

May 10, 2021 4 Comments

Hi, I’m Jimmy Hancock the following a short story explaining my journey from Adventurer to Farmer to Founder.

It all began when I flew out of Adelaide in June 2005, full of anticipation and excitement for the trip of a lifetime. Little did I know that 3 weeks into my journey I would get caught up in an event, that would alter the course of my life and impact the lives of millions of other people around the world…..

10 years on, I return the site and visit the monument to pay my respects to the lives that where lost that morning. During this trip I visit an old friend, who gives me the opportunity to help his business & customers who are using natural remedies to overcome chronic health conditions.

This is why moved to Indoneisa and how I learnt

  • How I learned how to speak Bahasa Indonesia.
  • How farm organically traditionally.
  • How I learned all about Jamu, Indonesia’s traditional medicines.
  • And it’s also where & how I came to understand that most drugs are actually derived in part from plants!

On my Journey to becoming a herbalist of sorts I’ve been able to overcome chronic arthritis in my knee by using a combination of Red Ginger, Moringa & CBD products – to reduce my pain & increase my mobility.

Now, as the Founder of Empathy Herbal I have made it my mission to help health-conscious people improve their health and wellbeing using whole food and herbal remedies.

As an Empath it’s my core belief that Empathy should be a subject taught in Australian school, like it has been in demark for the past 25 years! Teaching empathy, instead of possibly cursive would naturally eliminate bulling, resulting in the next generations of Australians growing up more compassionate & peaceful people – creating a better society leading to an Empath plant.

Now who wouldn’t want to live on Planet Empathy?

4 thoughts on “The HOW & WHY behind Empathy Herbal….”

  1. Love empathy with compassion to act
    Love your herbal remedies that have been part of my healing process since I met you Jim
    Love the video, website e products

  2. Great story Jimmy. It’s been quite a journey, one that has no doubt shaped you into the person you are today. I look forward to following the next phase and seeing more of your wonderful products.

  3. Well done Jimmy. Thanks for sharing these insights of your journey. It makes it easy to see where your passion comes from. And the products speak for themselves.
    Keep doing great things ✌🏻

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