STEAK MARINADE, Honey Soy Marinade (BG 4of101)

February 22, 2022 0 Comments

Steak Marinade, Honey Soy Marinade…

Just because I’ve used this honey soy marinade on steak, doesn’t mean its not suitable for…

  • Vegetables or tofu
  • Tuna steak marinade
  • Pork steak marinade
  • Beef stir fry marinade
  • Roast beef marinade
  • Rump steak marinade

Many people struggle to cook steak perfectly on the BBQ.

It can be challenging, especially if you not using good quality meat (fortunately we don’t have that problem in Rainbow Beach:). Everyone has different preference to how they want their BBQ steak to look & taste. And when you consider the environmental impact animal farming has, no one wants to see meat go to waste.

How do you cook meat on the BBQ? (4 step guide)

1) Create a SIMPLE & DELICIOUS – steak marinade, honey soy marinade (allow the meat to infuse with the flavours of the marinade).

2) Get the BBQ grill or plate HOT (to start with, then reduce the temperature according).

3) NO flip flop, turn the meat ONCE! (wait until you see juice on the top side, then turn).

4) R&R is the KEY (once the meat is cooked to your liking, remove from the heat and allow to rest & relax for 5 mins). 

PRO TIP: Cover the meat with aluminium foil while its resting, so it keeps warm.

STEAK MARINADE, Honey Soy Marinade with black garlic
Steak Marinade, honey, soy marinade with Black Garlic!

How long should I marinade the steak?

 If you are using a honey soy marinade (which doesn’t contain acids) then 1 – 2 hours is sufficient, but overnight will give you the best flavour.

Should you poke holes in streak before marinading?

Yes, you can if you’re cooking a thinker cut of meat, but it’s not necessary especially if marinading overnight.

 Do you rinse marinade off meat before cooking?

No, ideally not. Best practice is to remove the meat from the marinade (which should be stored in the fridge *food safety) allowing the meat to return to room temperature & excess marinade to drain off.

In this Delicious Steak Marinade, I’ve used…..

Soy Sauce, Olive Oil, Red Ginger, Honey, Black Garlic, Salt, Pepper – to created a smooth marinade, so it coats the steak & cooks perfectly!


When the meat is left to marinate in the fridge those beautiful flavours infuse into the steak, making it easy to satisfy everyone at the table.

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