Red Ginger’s Based Health Benefits

May 27, 2020 0 Comments

Alpinia purpurata also is known as bokkepoot in Dutch, was widely cultivated, consumed and exported during colonial rule. Favoured as a topical and oral treatment for muscle aches, pains and swelling. Red ginger was also brewed and drank to fight infection and relieve menstrual pain. An important ingredient in many Jamu recipes for its pleasant taste, intense heat & cure-all action. Today, outside of Sumatra, red ginger plants are grown for their beautiful, showy flower heads – highly valued in the cut flower industry.

Recent clinical studies have validated red ginger’s reputation as a potent traditional medicine. One specific trial showed 1 – 2 grams of ginger taken for 5 -7 days was more effective and safer than anti-inflammatory drugs. Key compounds found in dried ginger root – gingerol, shagaol, gingerdione & gingerdoil work harmoniously together. This action is responsible for its all-rounded ability to reduce or assist. Pain, diabetes, nausea, obesity, fatty liver disease, menstrual cramps, arthritis, osteoarthritis, IBS & migraines.

Red ginger’s taste is powerful, possessing an intense yet brief heat like chilli. Yet maintaining the familiar combination of lemon/citrus, soapy and musty/earthy flavour notes like regular ginger. Extremely potent and versatile, red ginger can easily be included in your daily diet. Simply add to cooking, baking, smoothies or mix with hot water drink in the morning to start your day right.

Ginger Tea

The naturally fresh and clean taste of Empathy Herbal red ginger is a true indication of its purity. Cultivated in the remote and unpolluted alpine reign of Northern Sumatra, the Karo province has an ideal climate and a long, rich farming history. Empathy Herbals red ginger root is grown using traditional farming practices, utilizing pure Mountain spring water from nearby lake Sinabung. Volcanic deposits from Mt Sibayak and more recently Mt Sinabung have optimized the naturally nutrient-rich soil making it the ideal location to cultivate organic herbs.

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