Turmeric Curcuma longa powder is typically regarded as an ingredient used to flavour Indian and Asian cuisine, but its health benefits are as broad as its culinary uses.
Curcumin is the primary compound found in turmeric, its responsible the golden stains on bench tops, pots, pans & hands and is largely responsible for the spice’s phenomenal health benefits.
Referred to as ‘the gold spice of life’ turmeric has earned the reputation of being the cornerstone of traditional medicine – reducing inflammation whist promoting cellular and digestive heath.


Turmeric is a common Indonesian spice use to flavour slow cooked meat, curries and vegetable dishes. When cooked, drank with milk or mixed into Jamu, its often combined with black pepper, clove or red ginger to improve its bio-availability (up to 2,000%). Numerous clinical trials conducted throughout the world have all concluded turmeric has health benefits in abundance, supporting Centuries of traditional use assisting.
Arthritis & osteoarthritis
Digestion & healthy weight loss
Cellular health
Eye degeneration


Serving Suggestions:
  • Add to Indian & Asian cuisine.
  • Blend it into smoothies & juices.
  • Season roast vegetables.
  • Mix up some golden honey or milk.
  • Sprinkle onto of salads.
  • Apply it to your skin to reduce inflammation or pain.


Weight 0.5 g

180 Capsules, 60 Capsules, Premium Cut/Dried 50g, Premium Powder 150g, Premium Powder 50g


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