Mango Turmeric


Mango Turmeric is a variety of white turmeric, favored in Sumatra for its slightly sweet yet subtle – earthy, floral & peppery taste and its numerous health benefits. Traditionally mango turmeric root would be consumed to maintain health as it possessed more wide-ranging health benefits than regular turmeric.




Jamu – Mango Turmeric

Curcuma manga is a variety of white turmeric, favored in Sumatra for its sweet yet subtle – earthy, floral & peppery taste and its numerous health benefits. When freshly cut, mango turmeric root produces a distinctively fruity aroma. Often pickled and added in traditional cuisines, it’s also brewed with other herbs in healthy Jamu potions.

Traditionally mango turmeric was used by mature adults to assist aging. It was believed to strengthen bones, increase mobility and blood flow. In addition, when consumed in the morning it was considered to be produce an uplifting effect assisting a positive attitude. In Australia mango turmeric is increasing in popularity as a delicious alternative to regular turmeric, glucosamine or fish oil to assist inflammation and arthritis.

Resent studies have validated traditional beliefs and observations. Caryophyllene, the most active compound found in mango turmeric,  also found in cannabis sativa, is known to selectively bind to the CB2 receptor. This unique action makes it a therapeutic treatment for inflammation, pain, atherosclerosis & osteoporosis. Caryophyllene has also been shown to be directly beneficial for colitis, osteoarthritis, cerebral ischemia, diabetes, liver fibroses, Alzheimer like disease types, anxiety and depression.

Clinical studies of natural compounds found in mango turmeric indicate, Caryophyllene oxide could be a herbal alternative heparin or warfarin. It’s blood thinning attributes can prevent blood clots and stroke. Farnesol has shown to prevent carcinogenesis (the formation of cancer) & prevents preneoplastic lesions becoming tumors in mice.

The naturally fresh and clean taste of Empathy Herbal white turmeric is a true indication of its purity. Cultivated in the remote and unpolluted alpine reign of Northern Sumatra, the Karo province has an ideal climate and a long, rich farming history. Empathy Herbals mango turmeric root is grown using traditional farming practices, utilizing pure Mountain spring water from nearby lake Sinabung. Volcanic deposits from Mt Sibayak and more recently Mt Sinabung have optimized the naturally nutrient-rich soil making it the ideal location to cultivate organic herbs.

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 20 × 12 cm

60 Capsules, Premium Cut/Dried 50g, Premium Powder 50g


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