Cinnamon, Cinnamamum cassia, known as ‘sweet wood’ in Indonesia, is one of the oldest spices known to mankind. Favoured for its pleasant taste, aroma, ability to maintain physical health and promote emotional wellbeing.
Cinnamon chips are ideal for slow cooking in soups, stews and stocks or brewed with herbal teas and mulled wine. They can be grated decoratively and deliciously over lattes or ground into a fresh and spicy powder.


Serving suggestions:
  • Ideal for slow cooking in broths, bouillon, soups & stews.
  • Grate fragrantly over Golden Frankincense lattes, smoothies and juices.
  • Grind into a deliciously fragrant powder then add to cooking or baking – used in sweet & savoury dishes or treats.
Quick Fact: Cinnamon chip hold their flavour much longer than powder.
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Premium Chips 100g, Premium Powder 100g


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