Pasta Types & Pasta Shapes – Explained Simply

Pasta types & pasta shapes
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 – Pasta Types Explained Simply –

Pasta types come in all shape and sizes, its often described as simple, delicious, and comforting food. Pasta is a staple meal in countless home and is at the heart of many great dishes. Herbs and spices bring pasta to life by simply adding basil to thick tomato sauces, thyme to creamy dressings or black garlic cloves to light oils.


Paste types & pasta shapes


These large tubes are typically stuffed with soft cheeses such as ricotta and baked in paste sauce topped with mozzarella. Other fillings include meats, tomato, black garlic, and vegetables.



This ‘butterfly’ shaped pasta pairs perfectly with light sauces, pasta bakes and salads. Great for kids!



Better known for its long thin and elegant shape, fettuccine is ideal when served with rich creamy sauces like carbonara.



Gnocchi is light, soft, and primarily made from potatoes. Variations using sweet potatoes or pumpkin mixed with black garlic or other herbs taste beautiful when steeped in creamy or tomato sauces.



Long strands of pasta, like spaghetti but flattened on both sides. Linguine is narrower than fettuccine. It is extremely versatile and can often substitute spaghetti.


Pasta shell

Pasta shell are the perfect match for salads and a pantry companion. The shells cone in a variety of sizes ranging from small and petite to quite large. The larger variety can be stuffed with herbs, spices, or meat and baked.



A tubular pasta with the ends cut on a diagonal. There are two varieties, smooth or with ridges. Smooth is more suitable for light sauces or black garlic oil, while ridged pasta holds heavier sauces.



Is fresh pasta that comes in different shapes and sizes. It is normally stuffed with a combination of herbs, spices, meats, vegetables, or ricotta cheese. Best dressed in a light sauce or garlic oil to compliment the beautiful fillings.



This rice-shaped pasta is idea in soups and adds body to stews. It can also be used as a replacement for rice in various dishes such as risotto.



Hopefully you now have a better understanding which pasta types to use sauce & which pasta types to use with salad. Bon appetit.



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