101 Black Garlic Recipes – The Basics 1 – 7

Blackgarlic recipes - the basics

BlackB101 BlackGarlic Recipes – The Basics 1 – 7

BlackGarlic is known by many names – aged garlic, fermented garlic, caramelized garlic & sweet garlic. It’s created by placing raw garlic bulbs in an oven for 4 – 6 weeks, controlling the temperature and humidity. This process transforms the flavour, aroma, colour and texture of regular garlic to become a sweet yet savory SUPERFOOD, able to be used 101 different ways…


  1. Black garlic paste
  2. Dip / Spread / Aioli
  3. Salsa
  4. Pasta sauce
  5. Vinaigrette
  6. Antipasto
  7. Black garlic prawns


The Basics

  1. Blackgarlic paste

Blend:  1:1  blackgarlic cloves and boiling water into smooth texture.

Equipment: Blender, NutriBullet, thermomixer, mortar and pestle or even a fork and bowl.

Try: Substituting water for any (non-palm) cooking oil. Adding chili, red ginger or lemon juice for more spice and zest. You can also alter the ratio for a thinker or thinner paste.


  1. Blackgarlic Dip / Spread / Aioli

Mix 20g blackgarlic paste with a smashed avocado and 1 tsp of whole egg mayonnaise, season with salt and pepper.

This straightforward aioli recipe can be used as a sandwich spread or dip.


  1. Salsa

Dice: Black garlic, tomato, shallots, chili, capsicum & coriander – then add a pinch of salt, pepper and a splash of balsamic vinegar & olive oil.

Salsa: can be eaten with corn chips or added to bread and served as bruschetta.


  1. Pasta sauce

Blend: Black garlic, tomatoes, capsicum, onion, basil, chili, balsamic vinegar & olive oil into a smooth sauce.

Sauce: can be added to cooked mince, chicken or mushrooms (vegetarian & vegan option).


  1. Vinaigrette

Blend: Black garlic, shallot, red wine vinegar, olive oil, Dijon mustard and honey, then add a pinch of salt & pepper.

Store: in a sealed jar or bottle and add to salads.


  1. Antipasto

Arrange peeled black garlic cloves on a platter with cheese, biscuits, cured meats, nuts, fruits & dips.


  1. Blackgarlic prawns

Melt butter in a pan then mix blackgarlic paste, stir until mixed.  Add prawns then cook – garnish with freshly chopped chives.

Garlic bread: Place the blackgarlic butter mixture in the fridge to harden – then spread on bread, wrap in aluminum foil & place in the oven.

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