Organic Black Garlic is a SUPERFOOD!

April 24, 2019 4 Comments

Organic Black Garlic is a Health & Delicious SUPERFOOD

Our organic black garlic is as delicious as it is healthy. Widely regarded as a SUPERFOOD, black garlic is fairly simple to make.

How to make black garlic?

Place raw garlic bulbs in the oven for 4 -6 week, controlling the temperature and humidity. After 2 weeks the bulbs will start to turn black & after 4 – 6 week they will be sweet, soft and odorless.

Why does raw garlic smell?

Raw garlic’s pungent flavour and aroma are derived from a sulfuric compound called allicin, which is extremely healthy but unfortunately equally fragile. Allicin is a potent anti-oxidant compound that breaks down rapidly when exposed to heat or oxygen. This is why cooked garlic has a less intense taste and odor than raw garlic.

Is cooked garlic still healthy?

Yes, the wonderful attribute of garlic and another Allium root vegetable’s is when one compound is lost another is formed.

Why is black garlic as healthy as raw garlic?

  1. Black garlic in crafted within its own skin, meaning oxygen cant reduce its medicinal properties during the fermentation process.
  2. The relatively low cooking temperature and extended the processing time allows new enzymes and anti-oxidant are created.
  3. The fermentation process transforms unstable compounds found raw garlic into stable compounds such as S-allylcysteine (SAC) and S-allymercaptocysteine (SAMC). These compounds contain double the ant-oxidants of regular garlic and are more bio-available, meaning your body can quickly absorb them.


Organic Black Garlic

Referred to as a cook’ s secret weapon because it contains so much flavour in so little space. It’s mellow, smooth and sweet taste will compliment almost any meal. Top chefs around the world are incorporating it into their menu’s, creating exquisite dishes ranging from ice-cream to soup. The soft flavour and unrecognizable odour have earnt black garlic the reputation of being a deliciously versatile natural medicine. Numerous clinical studies in mice and humans have reported it may benefit chronic inflammatory, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, hyperinsulinemia, cardiovascular diseases and many more.


Empathy Herbal

Empathy Herbal’s organic black garlic is a potent SUPERFOOD! Our peeled cloves have no additives or preservatives and are easy to use. When seal and stored in a cool, dark, dry place they will last almost indefinitely.

Take 1 -2g daily to receive the full medicinal benefits or add to cooking according to taste.


Buy now and try for yourself.

4 thoughts on “Organic Black Garlic is a SUPERFOOD!”

    1. Black garlic can last for years (2-3) in a cool dark and dry place, for best results store in a re-seal-able glass jar.

    1. Hi Patricia,
      Yes, you can keep black garlic cloves in the fridge or in a dry and cool dark(away from sunshine) place.
      The black garlic cloves can keep up to 2-3 years. 🙂

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