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The idea for a company started one hot smoky day in Medan during the 2015 slash-and-burn season, when Jim met De. We bonded over a healthy Jamu brew, in a traditional Indonesian warung, sharing experiences of our travels and a passion for nature, health and history. Our mutual gratitude of traditional medicines, and disappointment that these natural remedies were largely underappreciated in Western culture, led us to develop Empathy Herbal.

Why Empathy Herbal?

We are an ethical Australian company, true to our beliefs in organic, sustainable farming and fair-trade. We offer Jamu, organic herbs from the Karo Provence in Northern Sumatra. A beautiful and remote region with a rich farming history abundant natural spring water and nutrient rich volcanic soil.
Empathy Herbal is passionate about providing a natural, chemical free alternative to improve and restore health. Our satisfaction guarantee is a testament to the purity of our products and the high level of customer service we commit to.
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Jim Hancok

Founder & Sales

De Putri

Founder & production manager


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