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My goal starting on the 3st Jan 2022 was to documents 101 ways quick & easy ways to use black garlic. My plan was simple: to create a black garlic recipe every day, which I calculated would end on the 15th April, my 39 Birthday….

Black Garlic Recipes: Film & Publish 101 ways to use BG in 101 days!

100% Focused & Motivated

101 Ways in 101 Days – or bust..

To improve my focus on the project I planned to do the 101 days clean & sober, which would be the longest I’ve been without drinking alcohol since I was around 18 years old.

* That’s not saying I have a problem with alcohol, more that I’ve spend 15 years traveled & worked in the tourism industry, where drinking is part of the culture…

My enthusiasm made up for my lack of experience & skill

The first week went great! I was focused & motivated to show how many delicious ways black garlic can be incorporated into different recipes. The project felt easy because my enthusiasm far outweighed the lack of skills in…

The videos weren’t great, but that was OK because no one was probably watching them…

Week 2: The Black Garlic Recipes started to look more professional

The second week was easier, I felt the videos started to look better ‘more professional’ & I began to feel more comfortable in front of the camera. I’ve tried to keep the videos short, informative & entertaining; as much as possible.  

But, there was a problem.

Unfortunately during filming on the the third week I started to come unstuck 😥😥. The planning, recording, editing & publishing was taking too long, i didn’t have enough time to prepare stock for weekend markets. I was stressed, frustrated & angry that I was working harder not smarter…

Until a friend suggested I stop, take a step back & breath…

  • To regain control & more forward sustainably ☺️.
  • To focus on publishing 5 a week until I get the 30 of 101.
  • Then scale back again & complete 101 black garlic recipes in 2022.

So here we are… 30% of the way through.  

To my family, friends & fans of Empathy Herbal I GREATLY APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT, without your help I would’ve given up 🙏🏻 .

101 Black Garlic Recipe List.

  1. Eat Like Candy
  2. Cashew Cheese
  3. Mini Pizza Bites
  4. Honey Soy Marinade
  5. Stuffed Mushrooms
  6. Quinoa Salad
  7. Vinaigrette – balsamic dressing
  8. Garlic Bread – toasted cheese
  9. Gnocchi – creamy garlic sauce
  10. Garlic Infused Oil
  11. Guacamole – avocado dip
  12. Mashed Potato
  13. Parmigana
  14. Scrambled Eggs
  15. Pancakes – bloody good
  16. Garlic Rice – rainbow rice
  17. Nasi Goreng – fried rice
  18. Cheese Board
  19. Garlic Butter
  20. Carbonara
  21. Tzatziki Dip
  22. Croutons
  23. Chicken Wing Marinade
  24. Kale
  25. Smoothie
  26. Baked Potato
  27. Bruschetta
  28. Tofu
  29. Asparagus
  30. Roasted Cauliflower Salad

Keep watching this space, there will be plenty more (71) Black Garlic recipes coming over the next 10 months….

Now that my skills have improved from 1/10 to 4/10….. The Black Garlic Recipe videos should get better & better!

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